Primary School Clinics 

We run our Primary School clinics in the 3rd term

We run them around the schools timetables

Each clinic can be run during the Schools P.E. classes

They can be modified for 30 min classes to hour classes.



    Please email if you would like us to come to your school.





Lunch time legends

TERMS 1 2 AND 4 


Does your school want to be involved in our lunch time legend program?

We come out to your school and run a Round Robin Competition 1 day a week for 3 weeks.

We supply all equipment and refs.

Points can be allocated to the schools sports houses competition.  

We even have a teachers V student game on the last day




                                         ALL Schools Challenge


After receiving plenty of feedback from schools last year the 2019 Schools Challenge Cup will now commence with Regional Events and then onto State Championships.
Our feedback received gave us a very clear understanding that by doing this it will allow more schools to be a part of this exciting and large scale event in 2019.  This will also help to provide our schools and teachers extra time to prepare their students and teams, which we think is going to be hugely beneficial for everyone.

Regional Event:
  • Nominations Due : 
  • Confirmation and Payments Due: 
Regional Event Cost:
·         $350.00 per team

Location & Dates:
  • Your Regional Event will be held at Marymount College
  • The dates your Regional Event will be held on is: 

Below are the available divisions/grades available to register into as per school requests. 
  • Grade 5 Boys/Girls & Mixed
  • Grade 6 Boys/Girls & Mixed
  • Grade 8 Boys/Girls & Mixed
  • Grade 10 Boys/Girls & Mixed
  • Grade 12 Boys/Girls & Mixed
Important: We will be in contact with regards to how your region is tracking with each division so you are fully aware and well informed leading into the Regional Events.
State Championships:
  • Confirmation with Payment Due:  
  • State Championships Tournament Date: 
State Championships Cost:
·         $490.00 per team